Webinar Supports Council Equity Priority

Virtual webinar to check in with participants of the Fostering Equity in the STEM Classroom Workshop.
Dr. Aris Winger, Dr. Pamela Harris and Dr. Dwight Williams facilitated a virtual webinar to follow-up with participants of the Fostering Equity in the STEM Classroom Workshop focused on equity, diversity and inclusion in the STEM classroom.

Following the Fostering Equity in the STEM Classroom Workshop in June, the first of three follow-up webinars was held in mid-September.

Participants were surveyed prior to and after the June workshop to determine the impact and effectiveness of the training. Results showed that the majority of individuals felt more confident in fostering equity and having the necessary skills to foster equity in the STEM classroom than before the workshop.

The recent webinar served as check-in to determine how things have been going for participants, what has changed since the initial workshop and discuss successes and challenges they have been facing since returning to the classroom.

Aris Winger, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Mathematics Enrichment for Diversity and Learning (MEDAL), Pamela Harris, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics at Williams College and Dwight Williams, Ph.D., postdoc research associate at Iowa State University facilitated the webinar. They allowed time to reflect on the discussion and individual goals set during the June workshop, followed by conversation about how the first few weeks of the school year has been going and looking ahead to the future.

“My hope is that we’re coming out of this as better teachers,” said Winger, “It is an honor and a privilege to meet new people who we can impact in positive ways and understand our responsibility to disrupt what the rest of the world may be telling them. When they come into a space that we can control, we can treat them as the valuable people that they are.”

Two additional webinars will be held this Fall to conclude the workshop.

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