STEM Re-alignment Update from the Executive Director

Iowa STEM Education Innovation

The lead story in January’s STEM newsletter was about the prospect of integrating Iowa’s STEM organization with the Iowa Department of Education on July 1. The amazing accomplishments of this organization thanks to you and thousands more advocates were re-accounted as backdrop for the bright horizons of our new home. Since then, numerous re-alignment meetings have sprung up to begin turning our Governor’s charge into reality. One meeting in particular, the April 20 convening of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, netted priceless advice to guide our move. Opportunities foreseen by members include the potential for engaging the Department in STEM, greater reach through Department channels and innovation as a core mission of the Department. There were also plentiful words-to-the-wise including preserving Iowa’s STEM identity, our impactful programs, our nimbleness and of course STEM’s budget.

Today, dozens of professionals across the Department of Education, the Governor’s Office, the Department of Administrative Services, the University of Northern Iowa, the Board of Regents and others are aiding your STEM Council operations team in executing the re-alignment mission. At the same time, all embrace the top priority of seamless service delivery to youth, educators and communities of Iowa throughout and beyond this process. Human resource officers are helping to re-align staff from UNI to the Department. Technology experts are helping to move project management platforms, collaboration suites, websites, e-mails and hardware. Business offices are facilitating a change-over in billing, contracting and fund transfers. Communications managers are synchronizing tools and messages. There’s also grant management, vehicle use and myriad other details being ironed out.

For all the work in progress, STEM advocates can know and count on one sure thing at this time: your operations team have answered this call of our Governor with energy, urgency and devotion. And only through the constellation of helpers ushering us forward will July 1 mark our successful re-alignment. Contact us with any questions or concerns at

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