STEM Opportunities Progress in Iowa

Tomorrow STEMs from Iowa PSA

The spread of COVID-19 has necessitated change in gatherings, learning, social distancing and more. Despite the challenges, the STEM Council remains committed to providing access to STEM programming and resources in the safest manner possible. Below are some of our exciting opportunities coming up.

  • Tomorrow STEMs from Iowa: Public service announcements (PSAs) are currently being aired on network television. The “Tomorrow STEMs from Iowa” PSAs highlight how STEM skills students are learning now will influence and impact their future.

  • STEM BEST Program Application: An estimated 15 to 20 new STEM BEST models will be welcome to Iowa’s array of 58 operating education innovators. The STEM BEST Program application is open through May 15, 2020. This program provides resources for schools to implement community partnerships that include real work experiences for students with local businesses and organizations

  • STEM Teacher Externships Program: Placements are currently being made for educators to work side-by-side business and industry professionals in the summer. This program brings classroom application to life and helps prepare students for future careers.

  • STEM Equity Professional Development: Acting on a priority of the STEM Council to address a need for additional focus on STEM equity in Iowa, planning is underway for professional development in STEM Equity in the near future. Stay tuned for more information.

  • STEM Day at the Iowa State Fair: STEM Day at the Iowa State Fair will be held on August 23, 2020. Each year, the STEM Council fills the Grand Concourse with hands-on STEM activities and demonstrations for the whole family.

  • STEM Scale-Up Program: The 2020-21 STEM Scale-Up Program menu will roll out in classrooms across Iowa this fall. Awardees will be notified in April and will participate in professional development this summer.

  • STEM Council Working Groups: Four top priorities from the January meeting of the STEM Council will translate to working groups charged to bring forth action recommendations in the fall. An invitation to join each group remains open. They are (1) Career Awareness; (2) District-wide STEM practices; (3) Equity and inclusion (a re-launch of an existing committee), (4) Teacher preparation and professional development. A fifth working group is being assembled to re-examine the question of STEM-to-STEAM. E-mail if interested.

The STEM Council Network Team continues to be accessible through virtual communication. For more information about STEM opportunities, contact your Regional STEM Manager or email the Central Operations Team at

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