Statistics Activities

Basketball Shooting

Using a basketball game scenario, kids can decide which player on the team has the best chance to make a game-winning shot based on statistics. 

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Card Probability

A simple quick card game involving positive numbers (black cards) and negative numbers (red cards) can help children grasp negative numbers as well as discuss probability. 

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Kids will participate in a fire evacuation simulation, dropping miniature “people” from a window to determine the optimal size of a fire rescue trampoline. The goal is to use statistics to determine the best net placement and the size that will safely catch everyone while using the least number of firemen. 

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Suited Science: What Are the Odds of Drawing THAT Card?

Children will draw a card ten times looking for a  certain characteristic (spades, red cards, jacks, or one specific card). They can then repeat several times, each time looking for a different characteristic and note which cards were easiest to find. They can also calculate the likelihood of drawing each type of card and discuss statistics.

See full activity here: Scientific American: Bring Science Home