Excellence Across STEM Regions: Mega-convening of Regional Boards

Regional STEM Advisory Boards and the STEM Network Team met to collaborate on future priorities and opportunities.
Regional STEM Advisory Board members, Regional STEM managers and the STEM Central Operations team met to brainstorm and collaborate on future priorities and opportunities within the six STEM regions.

More than 80 Iowans, made up of board members from each of the six STEM Regions and the STEM Network team, joined the Regional STEM Advisory Boards Virtual Mega Meeting earlier this month. The focus of the meeting was to share insights, exchange best practices and discuss future priorities and opportunities, thereby assuring a smooth landscape of excellence across the regions.

The meeting featured breakout sessions for collaboration and brainstorming on the following topics:

  • STEM Communications
  • STEM Scale-Up Program
  • STEM BEST Program
  • STEM Teacher Externships
  • STEM Festivals
  • STEM Equity
  • STEM Program Data

Board members shared accomplishments, growth possibilities, challenges, strategies to get information to those who need it, needs in order to take action and other ideas. Many of these suggestions that arose in one region will be expanded to other regions as adoptions of best practices statewide going forward.

Led by the Regional STEM Managers, STEM Regional Advisory Boards fulfill a critical role in delivering inspiration and innovation across Iowa. Board members invest their time and talent in building connections, promoting opportunities, reviewing applications, staffing events, serving on working groups and more. Together, Regional STEM Managers, STEM Regional Advisory Boards and Hub Institutions collaborate to identify, grow and create STEM opportunities that strengthen each region.

More information on the STEM Regional Advisory Boards can be found at iowastem.org/regions.

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