Adapting STEM for 2020 Limitations

Educators are receiving and implementing their Differentiated Math Centers STEM Scale-Up Program.
Educators are receiving and implementing their Differentiated Math Centers STEM Scale-Up Program materials in new and innovative ways.
As early snow falls in Iowa, all communities continue to feel the effects of COVID-19. Organizations, businesses and educational institutions are adapting to an environment of social distancing and virtual access.
The STEM Scale-Up Program, a signature initiative of the Governor’s STEM Council, has confronted these challenges starting with professional development held this past summer. The STEM Network Team and Scale-Up Program providers quickly adjusted the training of over 1,000 educators to an online format. After training was completed, many educators, who have received Scale-Up Program award materials, found that adjustments were needed for the 2020-2021 academic year as well.
Some Scale-Up Program awardees are looking at new and innovative ways of implementing their programs. One child care center in particular had more school age children attending the childcare center during the day in addition to those who regularly attended the center before and after school. The childcare center had been awarded Differentiated Math from the STEM Scale-Up Program menu and is using the materials daily. The materials are easily adjusted within each grade level and even adapted for use with other grade levels so children of different ages and levels can learn.
“Math was an area I felt we were falling short on. Today, I can say we are on top of it. I'm proud to say that all the school age kiddos we serve are working above grade level. The addition of the STEM Scale-Up awards have contributed to their success,” said Joann Gansen of Tender Traditions Child Care.
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