Activity Index


Activity Name Science Subcategory
Air Pressure: Index Card Physics
Air Takes Up Space Physics
Aquifers Environmental Science
Baking Soda in a Glove Chemistry
Balancing a Potato Physics
Basketball Shooting Statistics
Best Buy Math
Binary Coding Sounds Computer Science
Bioethics: Who Gets the Organ? Bioscience
Blowing Up Balloons with CO2 Chemistry
Bridge Construction Engineering
Building a House Architecture
Building Block Towers Architecture
Card Probability Statistics
Castle Creation Architecture
Catapults Engineering
Clapping? Where?  Human Biology
Colorless Color Wheel Human Biology
Copper Caper Chemistry
Crafty Colors Physics
DNA Extraction From Bananas Bioscience
Earthquake-Proof Engineering for Skyscrapers Architecture
Eating Nails Chemistry
Egg Strength



Firefighting Statistics
Floor Plan Architecture
Flour Power Chemistry
Fossil Footprints Archaeology
Gumdrop Towers Architecture
Harold the Robot Computer Science
Hovercraft Engineering
Inquiry: Drawing Conclusions Based on Evidence General Science
Insect Communication Zoology
Investigating Common Descent Zoology
Investigating Natural Selection Zoology
Invisible Ink Reveals Cool Chemistry Chemistry
It's a Solid...It's a Liquid...It's Oobleck Physics
Juice Box Geometry Math
Leaf Classification Botany
Liquid Layers Physics
Make a Lava Lamp Chemistry
Make a Model Hand Human Biology
Make Craters with Mini-Meteors Environmental Science
Mentod-Diet Coke Geyser Physics
Minimal Spanning Trees Computer Science
Mystery Boxes General Science
Paper Car Engineering
Paper Cup Stand Engineering
Paper House Architecture
Paper Towel Chromatography Chemistry
Pencil Balance Engineering
Polymer Chemistry: Putty or Insta-Snow Chemistry
Population Growth and Biological Evolution Math
Routing and Deadlock: The Orange Game Computer Science
Salty Science: How to Separate Soluble Solutions Chemistry
Scoping Science: How do animals look for food?  Zoology
Seashore Science: How Melting Ice Affects Ocean Levels Environmental Science
Seminal Science: How Many Seeds Do Different Fruits Produce?  Botany
Sentinent Skills Science: What Makes Some Memories So Memorable?  Human Biology
Sharing Secrets: Information Hiding Computer Science
Shoebox Dig Archaeology
Shoreline Science: Exploring the Erosive Energy of Waves Environmental Science
Side-Dominant Science: Are you Left- or Right-Sided?  Human Biology
Sizing Science: The Geometry of M&Ms Math
Skin Deep Science: Find Your Sensitive Side Bioscience
Sonorous Science: Have a Cricket Tell You the Temperature Zoology
Speedy Science: How Fast Can You React?  Human Biology
Stethoscope Science: Hearing Heart Rates Human Biology
Stomp Rockets Engineering
Straw Wheels Physics
Suited Science: What Are the Odds of Drawing THAT Card? Statistics
The Formulation of Explanations: Natural Selection General Science
Trash Talks Archaeology
Traveling Seeds Botany
Understanding Geological Time Math
Vaccinations and Spread of Disease Bioscience
What Can We Learn From Artifacts?  Archaeology
What Material Makes Good Swimsuits?  General Science
Windmill Design


Environmental Science