STEM for Idaho

It's back!  iExploreSTEM Returns to McCall

12-4 pm Saturday April 4, 2020

Explore science, technology, engineering, and math through hands on activities for all ages. 

It's free. It's fun.

New activities for parents and kids. Stay tuned for details.

Picture of Dr Picklestein
Sponsored by YAC, the TEM Action Center, and HRSA.

Become a Scientific Citizen

Take the Scientific Citizen pledge by yourself or with friends, classmates, or co-workers. Email us with your words, photos, or video documenting your pledge and receive your Scientific Citizen certificate.

Compete in US Army eCyberMission

Perfect for small communities, eCyberMission is a STEM competition for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade teams. Teams propose a solution to a real problem in their community and compete for awards. It's all web-based so you can compete no matter where you live. Contact us or visit eCyberMission for details.

See a STEM festival in action



iExploreSTEM supports hands-on, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) festivals. We produce festivals and provide technical advice, resources, and evaluation services, for new and existing festivals. We are now focusing our attention on supporting festivals in Iowa, Idaho and Washington state, but our resources are available free to anyone. Want to learn more about STEM festivals, work with us, or volunteer? Contact us.


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