Get Involved


iExplore STEM festivals are fueled by volunteers. Let us know about your skills and interest and we will put you to work.

Right now we are looking for volunteers to help us at STEM Exploration at Boise State University on February 7, 2015. We particularly need help surveying festival attendees to find out what they thought of our festival, but we have other jobs if you aren't comfortable with that. Contact  Gina Schatteman at to volunteer.

Sponsor iExploreSTEM

Many individuals and organizations are donating their time to coordinate the events, but there are many needs that volunteers can fulfill. We welcome monetary or in-kind donations. Contact Gina Schatteman at for more information.

Host an Activity

We are looking for high-quality (but not necessarily high-tech) activities to pique children's interest in science, technology, engineering, or math. Use your imagination. An ideal activity could be done in a small space and accommodate lots of children in a short time while being safe. If you have a great idea that doesn’t quite fit these specifications, we are flexible and may be able to accommodate you.

Any activity that is hands-on, fun, and educational is welcome regardless of STEM topic. If your activity is not suitable for a booth but could engage a larger audience, consider an interactive stage presentation. The ideal stage event would involve the audience and last 15-30 minutes. Non-stage activities where individuals mingle and interact with wandering festival-goers would be great too.

Sometimes displays of super high tech gadgets can engage kids and get them thinking. If you have a device or something else to show off, we will work with you to try to include it.

Contact Gina Schatteman at to host an activity.

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