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The place to learn about STEM festivals and STEM events in the Northwest and for help in organizing your own. 

What is a STEM Festival? STEM festivals are

-- are fun and free
-- are for children and adults
-- challenge visitors to think - to solve STEM problems
-- provide a way to meet STEM professionals from nurses to architects to computer scientists to chemists
-- introduce visitors to careers in STEM

Visitors can try their hand at as many or as few activities as strike their fancy - design and build a windmill, dissect a virtual cadaver, or explore a career through video games.


Engineering & Science Festival 2016

returns to Boise State University on Saturday, February 6. Be prepared for another fun and exciting day of interactive science and engineering.

New in 2016  -- iExploreSTEM in Valley County

That's right! A new STEM festival is coming to McCall, ID in March. Stay tuned.

See a STEM festival in action



iExploreSTEM supports hands-on, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) festivals. We produce festivals and provide technical advice, resources, and evaluation services, for new and existing festivals. We are now focusing our attention on supporting festivals in Idaho and Washington state, but our resources are available free to anyone. Want to learn more about STEM festivals, work with us, or volunteer? Contact us.


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